Ian Morrison Quiz Fun in Calas de Mallorca - August 2012

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Winners Roll of Honour August 2012

Date Where at Winners Where From Score
2 August Central Bar Robbies Laser Quest-ion Belfast 34
5 August Central Bar Chad's Team West Ham 34
7 August Central Bar Team Chad-less West Ham 35
9 August Central Bar Dude- Where's my Chad?
The first team since August 28, 2011 to win three quizzes on the trot
West Ham 33
12 August Central Bar Idiots Abroad! Fleetwood 34

Team Names of the Year 2012

"The Premature Ejaculators - we weren't going to come tonight - oops! too late..."
"I've had some bad news. My mate Gavin has died of severe heartburn. Just can't believe Gav is Gone!"
"Dyslexic Brians"
"Suffolk and Close"

Kylie (2nd left) with her pals David, Tyrone and Molly!

"Pandy & His High Flying Birds" from Chesterfield
Runners-up 2 August with 31 points
"Bungle's Bits" from Croydon
Third on 2 August with 30 points

"Robbie's Laser Quest-ion" from Belfast.
Winner 2 August with 34 points
Robbie was the young and well mannered little fella.

<Blank> from Yorkshire & London,
Third on 5 August with 33 points
"Pandy & His Higghg Flying Birds" from Chesterfield.
Runners-up again after a tie breaker 5 August - 34 points
"Chad's Team" from West Ham
Winners on a tie break 5 August with 34 points
"The Good the Bad and the Bubbly" from Portsmouth
Third 7 August with 34 points
"Oooo e coulld crush a grape" from Fleetwood
Runners-up 7 August with 34 points
"Team Chad-less" from West Ham
Winners again 7 August with 35 points
"Little & Large" from Bristol
Runners-up 9 August with 28 points
"Birthday Girl & Them" from Pompey
Third in their last quiz 9 August with 28 points
"Dude-Where's My Chad?" from West Ham
Third-time winners on 9 August with 33 points
"Idiots Abroad!" from Fleetwood
Winners 12 August with 34 points
"Little & Large" from Bristol
Runners-up 12 August with 33 points
"M T Heads" from Manchester
Third 12 August with 31 points
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